Your Tenancy 


New Tenancy visits

All new tenants receive a visit from a Housing Officer between two and four weeks after they have moved in. This is to check that they have settled in and there are no problems.  At the visit we will fill in a form with you, covering issues such as rent, repairs and housing benefits. There will be time for you to ask questions and find out about the services we provide.


Tenancy Services

Many residents have reason to contact us on matters regarding their tenancy.  This can range from giving notice to terminate a tenancy to informing us of the death of a family member.  There may also be times when you wish to consider a Mutual Exchange or apply for a Joint Tenancy, or even end a joint tenancy.  On any of these matters do not hesitate to contact us for help and assistance.

If you wish to join the national mutual exchange scheme (which is free for all Homes for Northumberland tenants), please log on to the web link below and submit your application.


Breaches of Tenancy

Every tenant must agree to a set of terms and conditions while living in a Council property. Click here for a copy of the Tenancy Agreement. Housing Officers deal with many different forms of breaches of tenancy, including subletting and unkempt gardens.  All reports are dealt with within set timescales.

For antisocial behaviour complaints you can contact the Safer Neighbourhoods Unit directly on 01670 542424.


Garage Lettings

We hold waiting lists for a number of sites across the areas we work in.  Garage waiting lists are reviewed every year.  Letters are sent to each applicant to see if they wish to remain on the list.  Failure to respond to this, results in cancellation from the waiting list.

Garage Application form


Furniture Packs

We can supply furniture to tenants to help them set up their homes. The service is available to tenants when they first take a tenancy or existing tenants. The furniture is supplied in exchange for a weekly payment that we add to your rent. You may be able to receive help in paying the charge through Housing Benefit. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a furniture package.


Supporting Residents

We co-ordinate appropriate agencies to meet the needs of vulnerable tenants and make referrals where necessary to a range of different agencies who offer different types of support.

We also offer a support directory for use by staff and residents which contains contact details for agencies offering support on a range of issues.  

Support Directory


Caretaking Team

There is a caretaking service in flats and maisonettes which are in blocks with common facilities and areas.  We recognise that residents who live in flats have different needs from those who live in houses.

Please see our Caretakers information sheet and A Guide to the Caretaking Service leaflet for further information


Contact us

If you would like any further information regarding these issues or to get involved in our Neighbourhood Services Service Improvement Group, please contact us on (01670) 542424 or write to us at:

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